About SCBB

The School of Chemical Biology and Biotechnology (SCBB) of Peking University was established in 2003 on the campus of Shenzhen Graduate School. Its mission is to create a multidisciplinary innovation center for modern drug discovery in southern China that combines such core expertise as chemistry, biology, computation and bioinformatics, and Transforming medicine, and through pursuing so, to nurture young scientific talents for the next generation of leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry of China.
   SCBB takes the honor of being the first doctoral degree-granting graduate program in Chemical Genomics area approved and certified by the State Ministry of Education. The program covers diverse research areas including disease models and mechanisms, Drug targets and modes of actions, computational chemistry and drug design, and synthetic organic chemistry directed to natural products of biological significances.
   SCBB is the home to the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Genomics Incubation Base by Joint Venture between the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shenzhen Municipality. SCBB also has 9 key laboratories, engineering centers as well as public service platforms (including Guangdong Key Laboratory of Nano-Micro Material Research, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Computational Chemistry and Drug Design, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Functional Structure-Biology, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Cellular Physiology, Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Functional Microscale Materials, and Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology, Shenzhen Technology Platform for Zebrafish Animal Model and Drug Discovery, Shenzhen Public Service Platform for Drug Screening and Pre-clinical Assessment, Shenzhen Technology Platform for X-ray Crystallography).
   With its internationally recognized organizational and operational scheme, SCBB has been successful in attracting top talents from both mainland China and abroad. More than 90% of its current faculty members hold doctoral degrees or completed postdoctoral trainings from major oversea research universities. The faculty consists of two members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, three Cheung Kong Chair Professors, one “Thousand-People-Plan” awardee, three national outstanding young scientists, five Peking University “Hundred-People-Plan” junior faculty grantees, and one Guangdong province outstanding young scientist. SCBB has received many major research grants from both national and local funding agencies, and as a measure of our scholar accomplishment, the number of high-impact publications on peer-reviewed journals authored by our faculty and students has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years.
   The chemical genomics program currently has more than 200 doctoral students and 20 postdoctoral fellows. Our graduates either land jobs in major domestic biotech companies or undertake further postdoctoral studies in such internationally acclaimed institutions as Harvard, MIT, UCLA, and Scripps.