Dr. Tom Kinzel from Bayer Healthcare visited our school

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On October 24, Dr. Tom Kinzel from pharmaceuticals division of Bayer gave a brilliant seminar about ‘Industrial drug discovery’ in F101 of SCBB. The main topic includes the pharma business model, the industrial R&D process, the pharma business model and academic research for medicinal chemistry. After the seminar, Dr. Tom Kinzel also had a frank exchange and discussion with the teachers and students present in a pleasant atmosphere. Though this brilliant academic seminar, we have got great inspiration for new drug research and  scientific research.(Written by Shi Lin-lin)


Profile of Dr. Tom Kinzel 

Dr. Tom Kinzel                        
Head of Drug Discovery – Innovation Center China, 
Pharmaceuticals Division, Bayer

Tom received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Göttingen in 2008 where he studied reaction mechanism and selectivities using a combined computational and experimental approach. He then moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as postdoctoral fellow, working on Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. Tom joined Bayer in 2011 and worked for three years as lab head in medicinal chemistry in Wuppertal. In 2014, he moved to Berlin and became the assistent of the head of the Drug Discovery organization. Since January 2016, Tom is the head of the Innovation Center China, which identifies opportunities, aligns, and manages research collaboration projects between Bayer Drug Dicovery scientists and outstanding Chinese academic institutions as well as CROs. In 2001/2002, Tom spent one year in China, studying Chinese at Nanjing University and completing an internship in molecular biology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai.