New Semester, New Beginning-SCBB 2016 opening ceremony was held

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On the afternoon of 14th, September ,the 2016 opening ceremony was held in Room E-104. Prof. Yang, the dean of SCBB, Prof. Huang, Prof. Quan, Prof. Zhou, the deputy deans of SCBB, all the faculty and students attend the ceremony. It was host by Mrs. Zhao.
After an excellent video of SCBB, Prof. Huang, the deputy dean, introduced the new PI and Co-PI joining our school this semester. He also welcomed  all the new comers, and thanked them for joining SCBB. After that, every group introduced their new comers. 
And then, Prof. Quan made a brief summary and outlook of the special course “Student Seminar”.
Then Mrs. Zhao, showed the teaching plan of this semester. Mr. Zhang, deployed the security work of Labs and experiment.
 And then, Prof. Zhou gave a speech to all the teachers and students. He encouraged all should be cautious about the research career.
Finally, Prof. Yang, the dean of SCBB, introduced the future plan of our school. He said that our school is in the best time and we should put every effort to fulfill our dream. (Written by Chen Wei)